Creative Living Room Floor Decorative Lamp



Special Features:

1. Safety Switch Adjustment – USB interface multi-mode power supply, avoid electric shock safety hazards, and provide convenience for every moment of life.

2. Environmentally Friendly Materials – Resin bear and acrylic cabinet, ingenious craftsmanship, easy to take care of, adding a touch of bright color to the home.

3. Multifunctional – Multifunctional storage and decoration, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, can be placed on the wall instead of the coffee table, or placed on the bedside table.

4. Product Details – Cute bear shape, full of cuteness and fun, exquisite and light luxury, soft lighting without glare, safe to touch, safe to use electricity.

5. Strong and Durable – Thickened non-slip base can be place stable at the corner and protect your floor from scratch.