Fusion Juice Water Bottle


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Healthy life means happy life right? Are you trying to drink more water, have healthy lifestyle and lose weight? Then this fruit infuser bottle is what you need, it is simple and fast! In just under 2 minutes you can get a water that tastes better and has all the minerals and vitamins you need.
  • Bored Of Water? : Water is one of the most important thing for the human body, but sometimes water can get a little boring and tasteless. The fruit infuser bottle can help you with that, with it give your water a little flavour and give the water your body need! It’s also a much healthier alternative than store-bought “vitamin waters” as it is made with fresh fruit.
  • Weight-Loss: Why drink something that has a lot of sugars, colorant and chemicals when you can have fruity tasting water that tastes great and help you lose weight? Just by adding some ginger, lemon and other super fruits to your water it will increase insulin resistance and reduce the level of fat in the body (boosts your metabolism).
  • 100% BPA Free & Portable: These bottles are 100% BPA FREE which means that nothing harmful will enter your Infused Water. The portable design also allows you to carry the bottle to your gym, office, hike, travel, yoga, cycling, beach or if you are just relaxing by the pool! It can also be used as a water bottle!